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An education at UC Riverside is unparalleled. Here, our more than 26,000名勇敢而聪明的学生——其中大多数是第一代或未被充分代表的少数族裔——缔造了未来, 参与有可能改变他们的生活和社区的研究和体验式学习.

Here, open hearts meet open minds. Our students know that belonging, motivation, 我们共同致力于创建一个多元化即活力、支持即成功的社区,从而推动可持续发展. The National Science Foundation ranked us No. 3 nationally for Hispanic STEM graduates, and we’re No. 在全美444所大学中,佩尔助学金学生的表现排名第四, according to Washington Monthly.

Across our major programs, learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom, 与学生探索他们最大的激情-并找到创造性的解决方案,在我们日益相互联系的世界最紧迫的问题.

  • Academic Resource Center

    你在大学课堂上取得成功所需的所有工具都可以在校园里找到. The Academic Resource Center is comprised of educators, 辅导员和高级学生在这里帮助你成长, learn and discover.

    Services available include:

    • Drop in tutoring
    • Study skills
    • Supplemental Instruction
    • Fully equipped study lounges
  • Libraries

    UC Riverside libraries 是美国最大的学术研究型图书馆之一, with one of the UC systems’ most complete collections. 拥有200多万册图书,28,000份印刷和电子系列订阅.7 million microforms, 300,000 government information sources, and access to 165,000 e-books, we’re ready to connect you with the resources you need, right when you need them.

  • Majors, Minors, and Programs

    Our dedicated, friendly, and award-winning faculty will help you look further, reach higher, and think deeper. Learn more about the undergraduate majors and minors offered by our colleges and schools and our more than 50 graduate programs.

Here, Anything Is Possible

For four consecutive years, 博彩平台推荐被美国大学社会流动性排行榜评为全美顶尖十大最佳博彩网站排名.S. News & World Report. We’re in the top 15% of institutions in the U.S. 为了我们的总体毕业率,这证明了我们通过广泛的支持服务来提升学生的承诺. Insider named us No. 2 in the country for financial aid, 在福布斯“美国最佳价值大学”中,我们被评为前12名的十大最佳博彩网站排名.”

我们的学生由屡获殊荣的教师(包括两名诺贝尔奖获得者和28名美国国家科学院院士)教育和提升,并通过我们的内部支持系统 Academic Resource Center. Combined with opportunities through programs such as University Honors and Education Abroad, their possibilities are truly limitless.

  • Summer Study Abroad Program

    有在国外度过暑假的经历,同时还能顺利毕业! UCR’s Summer Study Abroad 该项目提供UCR通用目录课程,由UCR教师在国际上授课. 包括5周的文化沉浸,同时加深你的学习,一个全球的冒险等待着你. 了解更多关于这个暑假出国留学的独特机会.

  • Education Abroad Program and Opportunities Abroad Program

    加入4500多名在全球生活和学习的加州大学学生. UCR与35个国家的140多所大学合作提供无与伦比的服务 Education Abroad 海外项目提供了令人兴奋的机会来加深你的学习, expand your perspective, 沉浸在你永远不会忘记的文化体验中.

  • UC Center at Sacramento

    利用加州公共政策领域的实践学习和研究机会 UC Center at Sacramento. There are two integrated programs offered, academic policy and journalism, to help enrich your professional success. 被选中的申请人将在萨克拉门托通过国会政策社区的实习生活和学习. 了解更多关于这个简历建设,改变生活的机会.

More Than an Education

At UCR, we celebrate our students’ authentic selves. 这意味着给他们一个享受全面福利的地方——从确保他们的校园安全到提供包容性的住房选择. 我们还提供促进身心健康和福祉的空间, as well as resources to help with career counseling.

R’Kids 确保我们的学生家长体验一个家庭友好的校园,在那里他们和他们的孩子可以茁壮成长, and R’Pantry 为有需要的学生提供食物和其他必需品,包括来自校园的新鲜农产品 R’Garden.

And with more than 450 student organizations,我们确信我们的学生将在UCR找到自己的位置和一生的朋友.

保持最新的所有最新的十大最佳博彩网站排名十大最佳博彩网站排名十大最佳博彩网站排名博彩平台推荐 subscribing to our Undergraduate Experience Newsletter. 

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  • Campus Safety

    At UCR, your safety is our priority. Our Health, Well-being, and Safety 该部门由九个致力于倾听的部门组成, supporting, 并为博彩平台推荐的学生提供有用的资源和服务,以确保他们的整体安全和幸福.

  • Career Center

    UC Riverside’s Career Center 提供学生和校友访问广泛的工作数据库, career counseling, resume advice and interview coaching, as well as workshop and job fair alerts.

  • Early Childhood Services

    Early Childhood Services 为加州大学洛杉矶分校的学生、教职员工和教职员工的孩子提供一个安全、有教养的环境. 该中心有从4个月到幼儿园的儿童项目.

  • UCR Dining, Hospitality & Retail Services

    UCR Dining, Hospitality & Retail Services 为校园提供美味的食物,以及各种放松、社交和学习的场所. From the dining halls to our retail locations, 我们提供高品质和健康的餐饮选择, welcoming environments. 

  • Ethnic & Gender Programs

    种族和性别项目办公室提供学生支持服务, community involvement initiatives, multi-cultural events and leadership training. 这些有吸引力的机会让学生探索文化的成长和发展, 并培养在多样化的世界中领导和取得成功所需的技能.

  • Fitness and Recreation

    The UCR Recreation 部门为汉兰达社区的成员提供了一个机会,带领积极的生活,同时努力实现他们的学位. All UCR students are automatically members of the Student Recreation Center, a 155,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility for exercise, sports activities, events and general recreational use.

  • Housing Services

    UCR Housing Services 为学生提供安全、方便的住房,帮助你建立自己的大学社区. We offer three housing styles — residence halls, 校园公寓和家庭住房——以满足所有UCR学生的需求. 每种住房类型都提供了无数的机会来参与丰富你的大学经历的活动. Our on-call housing staff, supported by the Health, Well-being, and Safety Division, are committed to providing our residents with a friendly, secure environment.

  • International Affairs

    The International Affairs 网站提供了各种资源,供学生在UCR寻找国际项目的信息, as well as other opportunities around the globe.

  • Financial Aid

    More than 86% of our students use financial aid, both undergraduate and graduate populations, for the duration of their tenure here at UCR. Learn more about financial aid at UCR. 

  • UCR Campus Store

    The UCR Campus Store is ya great choice for textbooks and UCR merchandise. You’ll find the complete booklist for all of your classes, as well as the largest selection of UCR apparel, school spirit items and gifts. 访问CompUCR获取支持你博彩平台推荐的科技装备, from electronics to computers to software and supplies!

  • R'Card

    Your R’Card 你最重要的学生身份证明是什么.

    This multi-purpose ID allows you to:

    • Verify your identity on campus and in the community.
    • Pay for meals.
    • Borrow books from the library.
    • Gain access to the Student Recreation Center (SRC).
    • Get into UCR home athletic events.
    • Gain access to some campus buildings.
    • Make purchases on campus using “Bear Bucks.”
    • Use vending machines, laundry services, and copy machines.
    • Ride the Riverside Transit Agency bus for free.
    • Use registrar services.